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Here’s an overview of how Vinlink could operate in the automotive sector and what we have been working on:

1. Supply chain management: Create a transparent and secure record of transactions within the automotive supply chain. This will allow all parties involved (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, customs authorities) to access the same information, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.

2. Vehicle maintenance and repair: Track the maintenance and repair history of a vehicle. This will allow mechanics and technicians to access a complete record of a vehicle’s service history, helping them to identify any potential issues and ensure that repairs are carried out correctly.

3. Vehicle ownership and transfer: Securely record the ownership and transfer of vehicles. This helps to track the ownership of a vehicle, reducing the risk of fraud and simplifying the process of transferring ownership.

4. Vehicle insurance: A more efficient and transparent system for managing vehicle insurance. For example, insurers could use a blockchain-based system to track the history of a vehicle and assess the risk of insuring it. This would make it easier to set premiums and process claims.

5. Vehicle safety recalls: Track and manage vehicle safety recalls. This will allow manufacturers to quickly identify which vehicles are affected by a recall and notify owners in a timely manner. It will also help regulators to monitor the effectiveness of recalls and ensure that they are carried out properly.

6. Vehicle financing: Streamline the process of financing the purchase of a vehicle. For example, a lender will use our blockchain-based system to verify the creditworthiness of a borrower and process a loan application more quickly.

7. Vehicle charging and refueling: Manage the charging and refueling of electric and hybrid vehicles. For example, our tech will be used to track the use of charging stations and facilitate payment for the use of these stations.

Overall, the use of blockchain technology in the automotive sector has the potential to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve transparency and security.

Vinlink’s Roadmap //

Vinlink's Lineage

Vinlink Founded

This event marks the establishment of the company, setting up its legal structure and beginning operations.

Website V1 Launched

The company's website is made live to the public, providing information about the company's products, services, and team.

Tokenomics release

A Tokenomic document is a detailed economic and financial policy document for a crypto or blockchain project, including token supply, distribution, use, monetary policy, incentives and governance.

Tax reduction plan from launch

This can prevent a mass sell-off of the token and increasing trust in the project's stability and growth potential.


Official launch of Vinlink token.

KYC Certificate

A KYC (Know Your Customer) certificate is a document issued by a company or organization that verifies the identity of an individual or entity.

Start marketingplan

The company begins executing its marketing plan, which outlines the strategies and tactics it will use to promote its products and services.

Corporate identity 2.0 & website 2.0

Sneak preview products

The company gives a sneak preview of its upcoming products to a select group of people, allowing them to get an early look and provide feedback.

Lite paper v1

A lite paper is a document that outlines the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, and the technical details of the project.

Company Registration

Registration of a company is necessary for absolutely every project that has passed from the stage of idea to implementation.

White paper v1

A white paper is a document that outlines the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, and the technical details of the project.

Exchange listings

The company's token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, making it more easily accessible to buyers and sellers.

Meet the team (doxxing)

This is an upcoming event where investors have the opportunity to meet and interact with our team members and CEO with video and audio.

Release product demo's

The company releases demos of its products, allowing potential customers to try them out before purchasing.

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