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At Vinlink, we’re using the power of blockchain to transform the automotive world, making vehicle data safer and more transparent for everyone. Our focus is on enhancing efficiency and delivering top-notch customer service, all while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

About Vinlink

About Vinlink

Vinlink is a company that aims to revolutionize the automotive industry using blockchain technology to provide secure, transparent, and efficient management of vehicle data. Vinlink will address challenges such as data privacy and ownership, lack of standardization, data management and analytics, and data quality and reliability. Vinlink offers innovative Web3, blockchain, and AI solutions to capture a significant share of the market in the $3 trillion global automotive industry.

About Vinlink


Vinlink’s tokenomics have been designed to ensure a fair and balanced distribution of tokens among different stakeholders, with a total and maximum supply of 100 billion (100B) tokens. Only 40% of the tokens will be available at launch, while the rest will be allocated and locked according to the vesting plan. The tokenomics details are as follows:

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Token Name: Vinlink
Decimals: 9

Transaction Fee: 3% Token Allocation:

Circulating Supply: 40 billion (40%)
Partnerships/Reserves: 20 billion (20%)
CEX: 20 billion (20%)
Team: 10 billion (10%)
Marketing: 10 billion (10%)


Total suppy


Circulating supply


Buy/Sell Tax

How to buy

1. Get Metamask DeFi Wallet
From The App Store or Google Play store, for free. or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome by going to metamask.io

2. Send ETH to Metamask
You can buy ETH directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange. You can follow tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck on this step.

3. Connect to Uniswap
Go to uniswap.org via a desktop browser or inside your Metamask walletn(or any DeFi Wallet) tap the three blue lines at the top left of your screen to reveal your browser.

4. Add Vinlink Token to your uniswap token by pasting the contract address
of Vinlink token in uniswap second section and select Vinlink, click confirm.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.



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COO / Developer

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Master Automotive Technician



Advisor of Board

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Community Manager

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Chat Support


Roadmap 2024


NFT smart contract

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Deploy NFT's

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NFT marketing strategie (building community)

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An NFT launch is the event or process of introducing newly minted non-fungible tokens to the market, often involving listing them on NFT marketplaces and engaging with potential buyers and collectors to generate interest and sales.


Discovery stage (Vinlink's mobile app)

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Product release. TBA soon


TBA soon

Token contract

Frequently asked questions

Is Vinlink token safe?

Yes, the liquidity is locked, and the founder has successfully completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, obtaining a KYC certificate. Additionally, the tokens allocated for the team, marketing, partnerships/reserves, and centralized exchange (CEX) are all locked as well.

Where can i buy Vinlink token?

You can purchase Vinlink on any trustworthy decentralized finance (DeFi) exchange platform. To buy the token, follow this link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0f1e49d6dcfC9eeFcCE9D5ae3c660f8eAD75061a

What is the use case of the token?


Vinlink will be used to raise money for developing a new blockchain-based solution that tracks vehicle maintenance and repair. To achieve this, a small fee of 3% is applied to each transaction when someone buys or sells the token.


Customers can use either cryptocurrency or fiat currency to access their vehicle’s maintenance and repair information through Vinlink’s easy-to-use website/mobile app. In the background, Vinlink will collect the funds and use them to buy back Vinlink tokens, which will then be distributed among stakers.


Vinlink will also offers its loyal holders a chance to earn extra income through staking. This means that by holding Vinlink tokens, users can earn additional reve- nue from various sources, including customers who pay for vehicle information, automotive companies or service providers who pay for data and analytics, consul- ting services, and premium subscribers who pay for exclusive access to additional features and services.

How can I engage with fellow investors in the Vinlink token?

Interact with fellow investors by joining the Telegram group: https://t.me/VinlinkOfficial


Earn Rewards with Secure Staking (doesn’t work on mobile yet)

Participate in our secure staking program by staking your tokens for 6 months. Earn a total of 5 Billion tokens, distributed gradually over the staking period. The daily APY is determined by dividing the reward by 6 months. For example, a 1-month with 400 million tokens over 6 months means approximately 2.19 million tokens per day, distributed among current stakers.

Exiting the staking program incurs a 20% penalty fee. This penalty ensures program stability and discourages short-term staking activities.

Join now to earn attractive rewards through secure staking!